Technical Support

Technical Support

The most effective way to receive technical support is to contact Brentmark by e-mail.  An e-mailed technical support request will usually result in a more detailed answer to your question by the most appropriate person. 


Limited telephone support is available in special circumstances.  If you choose telephone support, your request will be handled by Brentmark staff in a reasonable amount of time given the volume of requests and the availability of staff.  Except in cases of unusual urgency, contacting Brentmark by e‑mail will lead to the best support. 


Another technical support alternative is postal mail. 


E-mail support

Send messages to Brentmark's technical support e-mail address ().  Please include the words Technical Support in the subject line and the name and version of the Brentmark product (both are generally displayed in the upper left hand corner of the programís main screen and also in the About box which is accessed from the Help Menu).  Be sure to include your name and postal address with phone number as well as your e-mail address. 


If your technical issue involves calculation issues, it is advisable to include a copy of a data file with your e-mail.  (Many Brentmark programs include an E-mail data file option on the File Menu.)


You should expect to receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your e-mail within one business day followed by a later response to your questions.  You should expect a response by e-mail or telephone, whichever makes the most sense given the nature of your question or technical issues. 


Telephone support

Call (407) 306-6160 (this is an Orlando, Florida area number) and select the appropriate support option.  If your call goes to voice mail, please leave a message and be sure to let us know how to contact you.  Telephone support is normally available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time (voice mail messages may be left at other times).  Please have the name of the Brentmark product and version number available when calling. 


Postal mail support

Send postal mail to:

Brentmark Software

253 Plaza Dr Ste B
Oviedo, FL  32765-6460


Brentmark Software
415 Gallatin Cir
Irmo, SC  29063-8066


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