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Brentmark Software has been developing state-of-the-art computer programs since 1985.  Our programs are currently being used by thousands of skilled professionals nationwide.  The programs are kept up-to-date by highly trained tax and programming professionals.  Brentmark's Current Version Guarantee (also known as maintenance coverage) keeps you up-to-date for six full months after your licensing.  Low-cost Annual Maintenance Coverage is available for future periods (PFP Notebook, Kugler Estate Analyzer, $229; Retirement Plan Analyzer, $179; Estate Planning Tools, $179; Charitable Financial Planner: $149; Retirement Distributions Planner, $79; Savings Bond Toolkit, $69; Estate Planning QuickView, $99.  All software licensing (except for custom programs) is covered by an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee (shipping is not refundable).  All Brentmark software programs run on current desktop versions of Windows.

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Retirement Plan Analyzer

Evaluates various strategies of taking distributions from traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s and other qualified retirement plans. Calculates up to four alternatives simultaneously for varying types of distributions.  The program handles the 2002 final regulations as well as the 2001 proposed regulations and the pre-2001 rules for required minimum distributions as well as pre-59˝ distributionsIt also handles any possible combination of automatic refiguring of life expectancy and term certain for the plan's owner and beneficiary (spouse or not) under the old rules.  The program has been updated for the 2010 Tax Relief Act with the new estate tax and income tax rates.   

The program also handles additional contributions to retirement accounts, distributions to pay expenses (subject to minimum distribution rules), insurance premiums and proceeds (single life and 2nd-to-die insurance), and pre-59˝ distributions that avoid the 10% penalty.  Estate tax and state death tax (using Brentmark's State Death Tax Manager feature) may be handled by the entry of taxable estate values or by having the program calculate the taxable estate if you enter the value of other assets.  Income tax rates may be entered on a yearly basis with separate rates optionally used for life-time distributions, distributions after death, and growth of other assets (i.e., after-tax distributions which are invested).

Retirement Plan Analyzer has extensive reporting capabilities.  Reports may be sent to a printer, word processing file, text file, spreadsheet file, PDF file, htm file, or to the clipboard.

The program includes Roth IRA conversion analyzer features and is Brentmark's most comprehensive program used for evaluating conversions to a Roth IRA.  Roth IRA conversions in any one or multiple years may be modeled.

Multiple Beneficiaries (up to ten) are handled by the program.

This is one of Brentmark’s most popular programs. Single user license: $595 with six months of maintenance coverage included.

Retirement Distributions Planner

The Retirement Distributions Planner calculates required minimum distributions under the 2002 final regulations (as well as the 2001 proposed regs and the pre-2001 rules) from qualified plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs.

The program includes the ability to handle Roth IRA minimum distributions. Roth IRA required minimum distributions do not start until after the death of the IRA owner.

The program handles multiple beneficiaries.  It handles up to five beneficiaries either after the death of the plan owner or after the death of a spouse after a spousal rollover.  Reports show annual distributions and the life expectancy for each beneficiary as well as total distributions to each beneficiary and yearly distributions to all beneficiaries. 

The program also handles pre-59˝ distributions that avoid the 10% penalty. This feature provides you with three ways to calculate "substantially equal periodic payments" that need to be taken in order to avoid the 10% penalty that is imposed for taking funds out of your pension plans before age 59˝.

Retirement Distributions Planner presents results in both numerical and graphical form.  Extensive help text is included in the program.  Single User License: $249.

Savings Bond Toolkit

Allows you to easily organize and manage a client's savings bond portfolio. It makes retitling bonds a simple task since it automatically fills in and prints the government's reissue forms including Forms 1851, 1938 and 4000. The program may be licensed for $99 for a single user license.

Income Strategy Generator™

Too often, the focus of financial retirement planning is on the allocation of assets for growth based solely upon personal risk tolerance. However, to achieve success, goals must be set according to the true objective—providing income. Capital must be strategically balanced to meet both short-term and long-term income needs.

The ISG technology underlying the Income Strategy Generator™ was developed to calculate the optimum balance between fixed-rate investments for income and investments in stocks for growth. The unique ISG methodology results in a mathematically precise and individualized approach to retirement planning. Comprehensive plans can be developed that show how to achieve the desired income with retirement plan assets. Detailed information on the ISG methodology may be found at the authors’ web site ( Single user license: $299.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges are $15 per order for UPS Ground or $30 for 2nd Day Air. Call for overnight delivery pricing. Paid program orders received by phone (1-800-879-6665) or Fax (407-306-6107) are generally shipped the same day if received by 3:00 Eastern Time. Payment may be made by American Express, VISA or MasterCard.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided free-of-charge by e-mail (recommended).  Limited assistance by telephone is also available on non-800 phone lines (407-306-6160) from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Estate Planning Tools

Cutting-edge estate planning tools and techniques and financial planning models!  Over 100 different calculation models in 15 areas: Trusts (includes our most comprehensive coverage of GRATs with Rev. Rul. 77-454 calcs with year-by-year report, QPRTS, GRUTs, Dynasty Trusts); Tools of Estate Planning (private annuities, SCINs); Charitable (charitable remainder unitrusts and annuity trusts), Estate Planning Techniques (§6166, §303, installment sales, group term cost); Retirement, Taxes, Present/Future Value Calcs, Valuation, Investment, Inflation, Real Estate, Insurance, Net Worth, Financial Goals, and Budgeting.  The program also calculates state death taxes (using Brentmark's State Death Tax Manager feature) in addition to the federal estate tax.  The program has been updated for the 2010 Tax Relief Act with the new estate tax and income tax rates.   

Most of the models include presentation graphics. Calculation reports may be sent to a printer, PDF file, text file, word processing file, spreadsheet file, or to a web page htm file.  One of Brentmark’s most popular programs.  Single User License: $595.

Kugler Estate Analyzer

The Kugler Estate Analyzer may be used to prepare a comprehensive estate plan using a building block approach.  Estate planning techniques may be stacked on top of each other to show the incremental effect of each technique. The program is divided into three sections.  First, information is entered on a Client Information screen.  Next, details on Assets & Liabilities are added on another screen.  Finally, Techniques are selected and fine-tuned on a third screen.  Some of the techniques may be complex, but you will find program operation to be quite easy.  Single User License: $695.

PFP Notebook

PFP NotebookTM takes a real world approach to profitable personal financial planning. It uses a step-by-step modular notebook approach which incorporates the philosophy of Jim Wilson, a pioneer in the field of personal financial planning. He developed PFP Notebook in order to make the process more efficient and easier. You’ll like it for the same reasons. PFP Notebook is practice-oriented. It not only handles the calculations, but handles the otherwise time-consuming paperwork.

PFP Notebook consists of a number of modular areas including: Client Section, Financial Data, Risk Management, Investments, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Education Funding, and Income Tax. These areas are designed to allow you flexibility of use. The program offers optional links between modular areas so that you can use them all as part of one seamless whole or use them separately, choosing only what’s appropriate for individual clients.

PFP Notebook not only generates calculation reports and spectacular 3-D color graphs, it also includes explanatory text. All of the text is completely customizable by you. Over 800 inputs and calculation variables are available to be automatically merged into the text.

PFP Notebook offers you and your client an alternative to the traditional initial forms packet—the Financial Planning Data Gatherer. You can distribute this separate program on a disk to your clients. When the client first loads the program at home, your firm’s name is shown on the screen. After your client returns the disk to you, PFP Notebook can import the information.

Compare our program to others and see how it outshines, feature for feature, other programs which cost $1,000 to $2,000!  Single User License: $595.

Estate Planning QuickView

By presenting a comparison of eight major disposition plans for each spouse, QuickView finds in seconds which estate planning strategy provides the most for a client and their family. Use this program to significantly reduce the time needed to analyze multiple disposition plans.  The program includes the State Death Tax Manager feature which handles state death tax calculations (estate taxes and inheritance taxes) for all 50 states and D.C. Customizable flowcharts, graphs, and summaries are all presented for the client. Single User License: $349.

Charitable Financial Planner

Handles split-interest charitable transfers (term, one to five lives): charitable remainder and lead unitrusts and annuity trusts, farm/residence remainders, pooled income funds and gift annuities (immediate and deferred).

Charitable remainder annuity trust life cases include 5% probability test of Rev. Rul. 77-374 with year-by-year report. Exhaustion test of §7520 regs included in various models.

Program also handles GRITs, GRATs, GRUTs, and interrelated charitable and estate tax calculations. Presentation graphs may be used to show the effect of varying payouts on the charitable deduction or to compare different charitable models. Accurate planned giving calculations at a reasonable price. Single User License: $495.

Quantity Licenses Available

Quantity Licenses are available at a discount.  Contact Brentmark for pricing.

Maintenance Coverage

Initial program licensing for most Brentmark programs includes six months maintenance coverage with optional maintenance contract invoices sent for future annual periods. Maintenance includes upgrades for new features and updates for tax law changes. We do not have additional charges for major upgrades (on top of the maintenance charges!) like some companies have.

Brentmark programs do not automatically become disabled at the end of the maintenance coverage period like some products from other companies. Also, Brentmark programs are not copy protected. All Brentmark programs are licensed subject to the Brentmark License Agreement.

Free Demo Disks Available Upon Request: 1-800-879-6665

Brentmark Software was founded in 1985 by Gregory Kolojeski, a former IRS estate tax attorney. Greg was also with Aardvark Software and Coopers & Lybrand before founding Brentmark. In 1990, CCH purchased Brentmark and its product line. Greg left CCH in 1992 and, one year later, purchased Brentmark and its product line. Brentmark acquired PFP NotebookTM, a Windows-based program, from PFP Systems in 1995.

Brentmark develops software for estate, retirement and financial planning professionals. Information on the current releases of the software may be found at Brentmark’s web site ( which also contains information on the latest articles and developments related to topics covered by Brentmark programs. Brentmark has developed online calculations that may be licensed for in-house use (see

Brentmark has many of its actuarial calculations available as Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). DLLs may be directly accessed through Windows-based spreadsheets, databases and word processors, as if they were built-in functions. They may be used to design custom applications. Brentmark DLLs have been licensed to various organizations for the development of in-house applications.

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