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Don’t Just Measure Market Variability…Overcome It!

There has been a tremendous shift in the responsibilities for Financial Retirement Planning. Pensions are becoming less common and are providing less of the total income required for a fulfilling retirement. As a result, individuals are having to assume responsibilities traditionally held by employers and professional pension fund managers. Many challenges follow from this new delegation of responsibilities. Without proper education and computational tools, millions of people planning for and enjoying retirement today will not have adequate retirement income.

The ultimate objective of Financial Retirement Planning is not to accumulate capital, but to provide income during the drawdown period of retirement. Too often the focus has been on the allocation of assets for growth based upon personal risk tolerance. However, to achieve success, goals must be set according to the true objective.

Capital must be strategically balanced to meet both short-term and long-term income needs. The ISG technology behind the Income Strategy Generator™ was developed to calculate the optimal balance between fixed-rate investments for income and investments in stocks for growth.

The unique ISG methodology in the Income Strategy Generator™ is based upon four key philosophies:

  1. The ultimate objective of Financial Retirement Planning is to provide the desired income for the duration of one’s retirement.
  2. A sense of certainty with regard to retirement income is essential to fully enjoy retirement and to successfully participate in the equity markets.
  3. Most people will have to carefully balance their resources between interest-bearing obligations and equities.
  4. The process must be individualized to be successful.

Using these four philosophies as a foundation and the computational capabilities of the Income Strategy Generator™, comprehensive plans can be developed to achieve the desired income during retirement.

The Income Strategy Generator™ (previously known as the Retirement Income Navigator™ and the Investment Scenario Generator™) was first released in November 1996.  Version 3.00 of the Income Strategy Generator™ was released on 11/05/08.  Included with the software is a detailed explanation by the authors, Roger A. and Kevin R. Katzenmaier, of the ISG technology used by the program.  The price for a single user license (Windows) is $299 (download now).  Our Current Version Guarantee keeps you up-to-date for six months.  If you would like a demo disk and information sent to you, please send a message to

Be sure to check out the authors' ISG Planning web site for more information on the Income Strategy Generator™.

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